12 lb Basic Slab Soap Mold


12 lb Basic Slab Soap Mold


Discover the ease of using this 12 lb Basic Slab Mold. The sides are removable for effortless release, and its shape allows you to create soaps of varying widths and lengths to meet your specific needs.

Customer Reviews

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April Schlauch (Ashland, US)
Slab mold

Excellent quality! Easy to unmold! Purchased 2 and once I tried I purchased 2 more!


Super convenient for when I just need to make 2 batches of soap.

melanie mitchell (Dallas, US)
I have 9 molds from 4 different companies

Hands down, Natures Soap molds out do all other molds. The silicone molds are sturdier then the others and I love the sides that I can lift out to slide my molds out where then are full. I now ONLY buy from Natures soap. The following photo shows you what I get out of 12 pound molds. There are two sets in the photo. I am currently waiting on another mold to be delivered I ordered from Natures Soap/

A. (Fredericksburg, US)
Perfect for making a lot!

Make more. Get it.

Tim (Pittsburgh, US)
I love the 12 pound mold!

I use these all of the time. I still prefer the old (green) slab mold, but these work just as well! I did notice that they seem to be *slightly* smaller than the older molds, as well, but that might just be from years of use. Overall, a great mold!

S.S.S. (Cottage Grove, US)
12 Lb. Slab Mold - My New Favorite!!

I purchased my first 12 lb. slab mold at the end of last year. I had been looking for a slab mold that would give me the same size bars as I was already making. This mold is wonderful! I get 36 perfect bars of soap each time. It is easy to take the liner out with the removable end, very sturdy and easy to clean. I wanted to buy another one almost immediately and they were sold out. I am so happy they were back in stock the other day and I ordered two more. I also ordered an extra liner for each mold. If you are hesitating on trying out the molds from Nurture Soap Don't! What a great investment for my little business.

M.W. (Alabaster, US)
I love the versatility of this mold!

I can get 36 bars of my traditionally sized bars, or I can pour it an inch thick and get 12 tall and skinny bars of a slab design. The silicone is thick, so I have never experienced bowing. This is a sturdy mold that will last me a very long time!

N.N. (Perkiomenville, US)
The best mold

I finally got my 12lb mold that I've had on my wish list. This makes it easy for me to increase the amount of product I can make. The mold is wonderful. It's not green like my other one but white. It's the best mold to use to make cold process soap.

Sabrina Moore (Greenwood, US)
12lb Slab Mold

I love love love this mold! It has helped me when making bigger batches of soap! You won’t be disappointed.


These molds are exactly what I was looking for to scale up my soap making process! Great quality too!