Close-up of green handmade powder texture from Nurture Handmade Nurture Handmade green soap cube.
Camouflage Mica from $1.50
Experience nature's deep green transformed with a touch of golden glimmer through Camouflage Mica.
Vibrant colored powders arranged in a grid showcasing red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and lime shades. Nurture Handmade.
Epic Colors Sample Set $9.45
Experience high-voltage vibrancy with our Epic Colors Sample Set. Our ultra-pigmented blends make your soap projects truly pop. Get Trial by Fire Red Mica for a stunning red hue - you won't be disappointed!
Vibrant orange pigment powder close-up, perfect for handmade crafts and nurturing creative projects. Bright orange handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade
Eye of the Tiger Mica Blend from $1.50
Experience the powerful, unique Eye of the Tiger Mica Blend, a bold deep orange with hints of red. Let its vibrant, fierce color bring your projects to life. 
Bright green powder pigment for handmade crafts and art projects. Nurture Handmade green soap block in a perfect cube shape.
Force of Nature Mica Blend from $1.50
Embrace adventure with Force of Nature Mica Blend's mesmerizing green hues!
Close-up of vibrant yellow powdered pigment showcasing its texture and color. Neon green cube-shaped handmade decor item perfect for home and office spaces to nurture creativity and aesthetic appeal.
Full Throttle Mica Blend from $1.50
Experience Full Throttle Mica Blend's bright, bold intensity. Rev up your soap making game with this electrifying yellow.
Close-up of vibrant blue handmade powder for nurturing creative projects. Bright blue handmade cube - nurture creativity with handmade toys.
Making Waves Mica Blend from $1.50
Making Waves Mica Blend - a statement making mix of blue mica that's unmatched in brilliance.
Bright pink powdered pigment for handmade crafts and nurturing artistic creations. Bright pink handmade soap in a cube shape by Nurture Handmade
Material Girl Mica Blend from $1.50
Meet Material Girl Mica Blend - the bold, iconic shade that's guaranteed to make a statement. It's unique, unforgettable, and unapologetic.
Vibrant red powder close-up, showcasing texture, perfect for cosmetics and Nurture Handmade beauty products. Nurture Handmade red soap cube.
My Red Obsession Mica from $1.50
Elevate your crafts with My Red Obsession Mica. Our perfect, highly pigmented red powder is dye-free and is ideal for all cosmetic applications. 
Vibrant purple handmade powder pigment, nurture artisanal creativity. Purple handmade cube block by Nurture Handmade
Queen for a Day Mica Blend from $1.50
Indulge in the regal vibrancy of our stunning Queen for a Day Mica Blend, a mesmerizing purple pigment unmatched in hue and vibrancy.
Close-up of vibrant red handmade pigment powder from Nurture Handmade. Red handmade cube block from Nurture Handmade.
Revolutionary Red Dye/Pigment Blend from $1.50
Calling all soap makers - it's time for a red revolution! Our Revolutionary Red Dye/Pigment Blend ensures your confidently bold reds won't budge, bleed, or fade - so you can "stay true" to that perfect hue! No more pink washouts, no more colour guessing games - it's time to revolutionize your soap-making with red! This incredible red is made with ELARA™ pigments by DayGlo, the only neon colors that are batch-certified and approved for cosmetic use. Batch certification information of the dyes used in this mixture is available upon request. Revoltionary Red meets Nurture Handmade's incredibly high purity standards. Revolutionary Red is: Cosmetic Grade Made with Batch Certified dyes Safe for use in bath bombs Safe for use in lip products Makes a true, bright red in soaps Meets EU and US color additive regulations Extremely light resistant Can be used in water and oil-based applications No color migration Reduced bleeding of color onto washcloths BPA free Vegan and cruelty-free No parabens or sulfates No palm or palm derivatives Formaldehyde-free Made in a gluten-free facility
Vibrant red powder for crafting and handmade products labeled Red handmade block, showcasing a simple and nurturing design ideal for creative play.
Trial by Fire Red Mica Blend from $1.50
Trial by Fire Red Mica Powder for Cold Process Soap Features: Vibrant, True Red Color: Adds a striking red hue to your soap creations. Non-Migrating: Ensures the color stays in place without bleeding into other layers or designs. Easy to Use: Comes in a premixed powder form for convenient and straightforward application. Perfect for Soap Making: Specifically formulated for use in cold process soap, providing consistent and reliable results. Benefits: Consistent Results: The non-migrating feature ensures that your designs remain sharp and clear, without the risk of colors blending together. User-Friendly: The premixed powder is easy to measure and mix, saving you time and effort in the soap-making process. Whether you're a seasoned soap maker or a beginner, Trial by Fire Red Mica offers a reliable and vibrant option for adding a pop of color to your cold process soap creations.