Nurture Handmade colorful bath bomb on a vibrant, textured background of mixed colors.
Bath Bomb Dyes Sample Set $14.40
Transform your crafts with our batch certified bath bomb dyes. Ultra concentrated with vibrant hues, these dyes will take your bath products to the next level!
Handmade bath bomb with shimmering purple and orange colors by Nurture Handmade.
Bath Bomb Glitters Sample Set $18.90
Add shimmer to your bath bombs with our glitter sample set! Eco-friendly, vibrant colors will elevate your bath time routine with a touch of glam.
Colorful handmade bath bombs piled on a wooden surface, showcasing vibrant hues and various natural ingredients. Nurture handmade for a relaxing bath.
Bath Bomb Lakes Sample Set $9.00
Add a burst of vibrant color to your bath bombs with our batch certified Bath Bomb Lakes Sample Set. Simply mix them into your dry ingredients for easy and concentrated color.
Vibrant colored powders arranged in a grid showcasing red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and lime shades. Nurture Handmade.
Epic Colors Sample Set $9.45
Experience high-voltage vibrancy with our Epic Colors Sample Set. Our ultra-pigmented blends make your soap projects truly pop. Get Trial by Fire Red Mica for a stunning red hue - you won't be disappointed!
Rainbow colored powder pigments showcasing a vibrant spectrum for Nurture Handmade products.
Feelin' Groovy Mica Sample Set $8.20
Get groovy with this set of 7 bold and bright mica shades.  Perfect for adding some sparkle to your projects and getting into the disco mood!
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Colorful Nurture Handmade pigments in various shades, displayed in small piles and swatches, ideal for creative and DIY projects.
Mica Sample Set (98 Colors) $122.85
Uncover a world of colors with our Mica Sample Set! Our 98-color collection comes in 5-gram bags, perfect for giving your soaps a dazzling array of hues.
Vibrant colored powder splashes in yellow, red, pink, orange, blue, purple, and green squares, showcasing Nurture Handmade pigments.
Neons Sample Set $15.50
Discover Neons Sample Set - your creativity's secret weapon. Make electrifying, bright, and fun soap masterpieces! 
Bright powdered pigments in various colors including orange, red, green, purple, yellow, blue, and dark burgundy, used for handmade creations. Nurture Handmade.
Vibrance Mica Sample Set $8.20
Get vibrant with the 6 primary shades + maroon Red Vibrance from Vibrance Mica Sample Set!