Nurture Handmade is a small company dedicated to bringing you the very best in soap making supplies. The owner, Carrie Jack, has been making soap and bath and body care products since 2004. Throughout the years her passion for soap making led her to create Nurture Soap, LLC. Every single product here has been stringently tested by her with a soap maker's perspective.

We are small family business that takes great pride in every product we sell. Every product is carefully procured. We make many items in-house and shop and buy local whenever possible. We believe in strengthening not only the soap community, but our local community as well.

Every product offered is ethically sourced, and almost everything we use at Nurture Soap is recycled in a large recycling bin on-site. All UPS shipments from Nurture Soap are sent carbon-neutral at no extra cost to you. There is not one aspect of the company that has not been touched with care and concern for people, the earth, and the environment!