Nurture Handmade black powder pigment for DIY projects and crafts. Handmade black cube soap by Nurture, natural and artisanal skincare product.
Activated Charcoal from $6.20
Create stunning soap with eco-friendly Activated Charcoal! Made from renewable hardwood, it produces a white lather and won't stain washcloths.
Close-up of rich, dark soil, emphasizing the texture for Nurture Handmade organic gardening products. Black handmade cube-shaped object from Nurture Handmade
Black Brazilian Clay from $2.00
Elevate soap recipes with Black Brazilian Clay, rich in copper, selenium, zinc, and magnesium - and create a luxurious, silky lather.
Close-up of black powder, Nurture Handmade natural product. Handmade black soap cube by Nurture Handmade
Black Iron Oxide from $4.20
Explore the enigmatic depths of pure black with Black Iron Oxide. Ideal for making cold process soaps and bath bombs, this pigment will add a touch of darkness to your creations.
Close-up of natural clay powder used in Nurture Handmade products. Handmade cube-shaped soap in gray, crafted to nurture and nourish skin.
French Green Clay from $6.50
Indulge in nature's soothing French Green Clay, adding a touch of elegance and spa-like treatment to your soaps.
Vibrant blue pigment powder for Nurture Handmade products. Dark blue handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Indigo Powder from $7.20
Achieve a deep and natural indigo blue hue for your soaps with our highly concentrated Indigo Powder, boasting a 6.2% dye concentration that surpasses basic blues.  
Close-up of white flour powder for Nurture Handmade baking ingredients against a dark background Handmade square bar soap - Nurture Handmade natural skincare product.
Kaolin Clay from $3.00
Kaolin Clay is used for its silky lather in soaps and to lock in fragrance.
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Close-up of red powdered pigment showcasing rich color for handmade crafts by Nurture Handmade. Handmade cube-shaped soap bar from Nurture Handmade
Red Brazilian Clay from $2.00
Red Brazilian Clay is a spa-worthy pick-me-up for your skin. Enriched with natural minerals like copper and selenium, this clay provides a silky touch to your soap.
Close-up of pink powder texture, Nurture Handmade beauty product. Handmade pink soap cube, Nurture Handmade's natural skincare product.
Rose Kaolin Clay from $9.60
Add a touch of our Rose Kaolin Clay to your soaps for a luxurious, rosy hue and a smooth, silky texture.