Fresh green kaffir lime halved with whole limes in the background, showcasing textured rind and juicy interior. Nurture Handmade.
Bergamot Essential Oil from $11.10
Bergamot Essential Oil has a unique aroma that is both refreshing and complex, with sweet, citrusy notes and floral, herbal, and resinous undertones. This versatile oil is often featured in perfumes and luxury candles, giving them a sunny and pleasant scent.
Beautiful lavender field at sunset with dramatic sky and lone tree. Perfect nature scene to nurture handmade inspiration.
Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil from $8.10
Experience the complexity and full-bodied scent of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil. Considered one of the finest lavender oils in the world, this oil features floral, fruity, and sweet notes for a smooth and inviting aroma. Make this popular essential oil a staple in your collection. 
Close-up of lush green pine branches against a bright green background, perfect for Nurture Handmade nature-inspired projects.
Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil from $6.60
Experience the rich woody and balsamic scent of Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oil. With an earthy undertone of citrus, this oil is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of camphorous odour, reminiscent of cedar chests and closets.
Lush green plants growing next to a wooden fence, showcasing a serene outdoor setting. Nurture Handmade gardening.
Dark Patchouli Essential Oil from $7.40
Our Dark Patchouli Essential Oil is aged in iron vats to give it a unique dark hue and rich earthy aroma. It has a sweet and herbaceous scent with ethereal, floral-sweet and wine-like top notes and mellow, woody-balsamic body notes. Enjoy the unique sweetness and spiciness of our Dark Patchouli oil.
Sunlit green leaves hanging over a tranquil water surface, reflecting nature's beauty and tranquility.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil from $3.60
Eucalyptus Essential Oil offers an invigorating aroma, with distinct camphoraceous and forest notes. Contains hints of mint, honey, and citrus, reminiscent of a sun-drenched pine forest. This oil is derived from the fragrant leaves of the Australian Eucalyptus tree. It's an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a natural, refreshing scent to their creations.
Vibrant purple lavender flowers blooming at sunset, showcasing natural beauty and tranquility. Perfect for Nurture Handmade themes.
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil from $4.60
Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil is a high-quality blend of both linalool and linalyl acetate, creating a consistently strong floral scent perfect for aromatherapy or DIY bath and body projects. Its natural composition ensures an authentic lavender experience without the need for a costly price tag.
Fresh yellow lemon with green leaves, half sliced, highlighting vibrant citrus fruit for Nurture Handmade products.
Lemon Essential Oil from $3.55
Lemon Essential Oil is an ideal choice for adding a bright, fresh, and citrusy top note to any blend. With an impressively strong odor strength, it adds a delightful zest and energizing scent, especially when blended with lime and bergamot oils.
Dew drops on green grass blade | Nurture Handmade
Lemongrass Essential Oil from $4.80
Lemongrass Essential Oil is a powerful, long lasting oil that provides a fresh, lemony scent with earthy and sweet undertones. It has tremendous staying power. Try blending with complementary oils such as lavender, cedarwood, lemon, and rosemary for a revitalizing aroma.  
Two green limes growing on a tree branch in a lush garden, with sunlight filtering through the leaves. Nurture Handmade.
Lime Essential Oil from $6.10
Experience the energizing scent of freshly-picked limes with our Lime Essential Oil. Our cold-pressed extraction method ensures a potent, sharp, and refreshingly bright aroma that will remain is very vibrant.
Fresh green mint leaves basking in sunlight - key ingredient for handmade products by Nurture Handmade.
Peppermint Essential Oil from $5.30
Peppermint Essential Oil is a versatile oil with a strong, refreshing scent. Rich in cooling menthol and menthone, it's great for body care products. Try blending it with other oils such as cedarwood, lime, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary to create a unique scent.
Close-up of fresh green rosemary sprigs with a blurred natural background. Perfect for natural and handmade nurture concepts.
Rosemary Essential Oil from $7.10
Rosemary Essential Oil is a pale yellow liquid with a strong, fresh, woody-herbaceous, minty aroma. Its "high" notes quickly evolve to a clean, woody balsamic scent and then to a dry, herbaceous yet pleasant and long-lasting bittersweet note. Create a unique sensory experience by blending with peppermint, lemon, or cedarwood oils.
Close-up of delicate white and pink wildflowers with green and yellow leaves, highlighting the nurturing beauty of handmade nature.
Tea Tree Essential Oil from $6.10
Tea Tree Essential Oil is a top note with a strong camphoraceous aroma. It is a natural oil extracted from the Australian tea tree, with its pale yellow to nearly colorless hue. Its invigorating scent is often blended with lavender to create a refreshing and stimulating scent.
Close-up of a vibrant yellow flower blossom hanging from a green leafy branch in a lush garden.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil from $13.10
Wildcrafted in Madagascar, our Ylang Ylang III has high odor strength and exotic sweet notes. It has a unique earthy, floral, and sweet aroma, with a balsamic undertone and subtle woody notes. Perfect for creating aromatherapy blends and bath & body care.