Wooden dual soap mold with green silicone liners by Nurture Handmade. Handmade green soap bars in wooden mold, Nurture Handmade
10 lb Double Premium Soap Mold $156.00
Constructed with precision, the 10 lb Double Premium Soap Mold utilizes durable silicone liners that resist stretching or tearing. The clear lids provide optimal viewing of the gel process while also limiting air exposure to reduce ash formation on soaps. Easily remove the liner with the removable sides.
Handmade wooden box by Nurture featuring dual compartments for organized storage.
10 lb Premium Double Wood Mold $89.00
Our 10 lb Premium Double Wood Mold is specifically designed for our 5 Pound Silicone Liners.
Rectangular silicone soap mold for handmade products by Nurture Handmade Rectangular white handmade bathtub perfect for a nurturing and relaxing experience.
10" Silicone Soap Mold $14.50
You can always achieve professional-looking soap with our 10" Silicone Soap Mold. The reinforced design reduces bowing, while the polished interior guarantees a smooth and effortless release for a flawless finish. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced soap makers.
Nurture Handmade white rectangular storage box with clean minimalistic design.
11 lb Slab Liner $28.50
The 11 Pound Slab Liner is an ideal option for creating custom-sized soap bars with its versatile and durable design.
Wooden box for soap making by Nurture Handmade Handmade white storage box from Nurture Handmade.
11 lb Slab Soap Mold $70.00
The 11 Pound Slab Mold is ideal for creating large quantities of soap. With removable sides, the liner can be easily removed, and you can customize the size of your soap bars to your desired width and length.
Handmade wooden box by NurtureSoap for storing and organizing.
11 lb Slab Wood Mold $42.00
The 11 lb Slab Wood Mold is designed for use with our 11 pound slab liner, providing a perfect fit.
Nurture Handmade wooden box frame with minimalist design. Wooden soap mold with Nurture Soap branding for handmade soap making
12 lb Basic Slab Soap Mold $102.00
Discover the ease of using this 12 lb Basic Slab Mold. The sides are removable for effortless release, and its shape allows you to create soaps of varying widths and lengths to meet your specific needs.
Handmade rectangular white tray with smooth interior surface by Nurture Handmade.
12 lb Slab Liner $60.00
Our 12 Pound Silicone Liner is crafted with top-quality silicone material that guarantees long-lasting durability. It is designed to withstand heavy-duty use without stretching or tearing.
Handmade wooden box by Nurture Handmade, perfect for storage or display.
12 lb Slab Wood Mold $42.00
Our 12 lb Slab Wood Mold is designed for our 12 lb Silicone Slab Liner.
Nurture Handmade rectangular soap mold with white silicone material Rectangular white handmade soap mold for nurturing homemade crafts.
12" TS Silicone Soap Mold $21.50
This 12" Tall Skinny Mold is designed for creating cold process and melt and pour soaps. It features reinforced sides for stability. Avoid overfilling to prevent bowing. This mold produces the perfect size bars that fit perfectly in the hand!
Handmade wooden soap mold with green silicone liner for nurturing homemade soap making. Wooden soap mold with green dividers for handmade soap making from Nurture Handmade.
15 lb Double Premium Soap Mold $175.00
The 15 lb Double Premium Mold boasts unparalleled quality. Achieve consistent perfection with this dependable, expertly crafted mold that includes top-grade silicone liners that resist stretching and tearing.
Wooden soap mold box by Nurture Soap for making handmade soaps.
15 lb Double Premium Wood Mold $92.00
This 15 lb Double Premium Wood Mold is specially tailored for our 7.5 lb Silicone Liners. Please note that liners and lids are not included with the product.
Wooden Nurture Handmade storage box with three compartments.
15 lb Premium Triple Wood Mold $110.00
Our 15 lb Premium Triple Wood Mold is designed for our 15 lb Premium Triple Mold. 
Nurture Handmade wooden mold with three green compartments for crafting and soap making Handmade wooden box with three green dividers, Nurture Handmade storage solution
15 lb Triple Premium Soap Mold $235.75
This 15 lb Triple Premium Mold is designed for maximum yield and longevity. This mold  features clear lids for viewing the soap as it gels. This limits contact with air, which can decrease ash and improve soap quality. It has removable sides for easy removal of the liner.
Nurture Handmade Soap Mold with NS Logo, perfect for crafting custom soaps. Handmade white rectangular storage container by Nurture Handmade
2 lb Basic Soap Mold $10.00
The liner for our 2 lb Basic Mold is different from our other silicone liners. It is much thinner and will be prone to bowing. We wanted a small, thinner liner for beginning soapers at a great price point. We like smaller molds when learning how to soap because, as you're learning, you won't be using as many ingredients. If something goes awry it's not a very big loss!
Wooden soap mold by NurtureSoap for handmade soap making.
2 lb Basic Wood Mold $10.00
Our 2 lb Basic Wood Mold is specifically designed for our 2 Pound Soap Mold Liner.