Nurture Handmade white rectangular storage box with clean minimalistic design.
11 lb Slab Liner $28.50
The 11 Pound Slab Liner is an ideal option for creating custom-sized soap bars with its versatile and durable design.
Handmade rectangular white tray with smooth interior surface by Nurture Handmade.
12 lb Slab Liner $60.00
Our 12 Pound Silicone Liner is crafted with top-quality silicone material that guarantees long-lasting durability. It is designed to withstand heavy-duty use without stretching or tearing.
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White handmade soap mold for nurturing handmade soaps
2 lb Liner $4.00
Our 2 pound soap mold liner is thinner than our other liners. We wanted a great "starter" liner at a price point that is easy on the pocketbook, and this is it! This liner will bow if not supported by a wood mold and may need to be clipped into place. 
Green rectangular silicone mold with handles for Nurture Handmade soap or craft making.
2.5 lb Handle Liner $16.80
Our 2.5 lb handle liner has convenient handles for effortless removal from the soap mold box. The silicone sides protect the wood, and the liner is specifically designed for easy removal from your soap.
Green rectangular handmade soap mold for nurturing homemade crafts.
2.5 lb Loaf Liner $16.80
Experience the benefits of using our 2.5 lb Silicone Liner, made with the highest quality silicone material. The liner is durable and will stand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of use without worrying about stretching or tearing.
Rectangular white container for Nurture Handmade crafts
4 lb Slab Liner $21.00
The 4 lb Slab Liner is great for producing smaller amounts of soap, making it a great option for newer soapers It allows for customization of soap bar sizes, providing ultimate versatility.
Bright green rectangular handmade mold for crafting and baking, designed to nurture creativity and handmade projects.
4.5 lb Loaf Liner $20.99
We really like the shape of the bar this our 4.5 lb Liner makes! You can make 16 bars and use the extra partial bar to cut into samples. It's perfect!
Lime green rectangular silicone soap mold with handles, ideal for handmade soap making by Nurture Handmade.
5 lb Handle Liner $34.15
The 5 lb Handle Liner effectively facilitates quick and easy soap removal with its handles. Its silicone sides keep the mold clean, while the thinner silicone material allows for effortless soap removal from the liner.
Nurture Handmade green rectangular silicone mold for crafting and baking
5 lb Loaf Liner $32.50
Constructed from high quality silicone, our 5 lb Loaf Liner is a top seller due to its durability and resistance to stretching or tearing. Its strong performance makes it a reliable choice.
Bright green silicone loaf mold for baking, perfect for Nurture Handmade creations.
7.5 lb Handle Liner $36.50
The 7.5 lb Handle Liner has handles that make taking it out of the soap mold box a breeze. The silicone material covers the mold's sides for a cleaner experience. It is designed to easily release from the soap, ensuring effortless unmolding.
Green handmade silicone loaf mold for baking and crafting.
7.5 lb Silicone Liner $36.50
Our 7.5 lb Silicone Liner is a durable and robust liner crafted from high quality silicone that is resistant to stretching and tearing. It is built to last!
Green silicone loaf mold for baking handmade soaps and breads - Nurture Handmade
7.5 lb Tall Skinny Handle Liner $39.60
The 7.5 Pound Tall Skinny Handle Liner makes removing soap from the mold a breeze thanks to its convenient handles. The silicone protects the mold's sides, and the liner's design allows for effortless soap removal.
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Green handmade rectangular tray for storing items, promoting nurture and handmade crafts.
Less than Perfect 7.5 lb Loaf Liner $18.25 $36.50
This is our Less Than Perfect 7.5 lb Silicone Liner. These liners are reduced in price because they bow significantly compared to our regular liners and will need to be taped or clipped when used. All sales are final.