Bright blue pigment powder used for handmade art and crafts projects adds vibrancy to any creation. Nurture Handmade creativity. Blue handmade cube-shaped object made from nurturing materials.
Fluorescent Neon Blue from $1.99
Upgrade your projects with Fluorescent Neon Blue - a bright and eye-catching choice for the bold and creative!
Close-up of vibrant green powder, showcasing its texture and vivid color. Ideal for nurturing handmade art and craft projects. Green handmade clay cube for crafts from Nurture Handmade
Fluorescent Neon Green from $1.99
Fluorescent Neon Green is the perfect choice for bold and bright colors. With it's bright, highly pigmented color, it will make any handmade creation shine!
Vibrant pink pigment powder for handmade crafts and art projects, perfect for nurturing creativity. Bright pink handmade cube of soap from Nurture Handmade.
Fluorescent Neon Magenta from $1.99
Make a statement with Fluorescent Neon Magenta - a bright fuchsia color that will turn heads and bring your projects to life! 
Bright orange powder texture close-up for Nurture Handmade products. Bright orange handmade cube block for Nurture Handmade projects.
Fluorescent Neon Orange from $1.99
Enhance projects with Fluorescent Neon Orange. It is perfect for soaps and crafts and has a balanced yellow and red hue that won't fade.
Vibrant orange powder texture symbolizing creativity and nurture handmade products. Orange handmade block shaped soap from Nurture Handmade
Fluorescent Neon Orange-Yellow from $1.99
Elevate your projects with Fluorescent Neon Orange-Yellow. This luminous blend of orange and yellow is both bold and mellow, with a touch of sunshine for a radiant effect.
Vibrant pink powder close-up, symbolizing Nurture Handmade crafts and creativity. Handmade pink soap cube by Nurture Handmade on a white background
Fluorescent Neon Pink from $1.99
Create a statement that lasts with Fluorescent Neon Pink - a striking blend of classic pink and high-voltage vibrancy.
Vibrant purple powder explosion showcasing rich color for handmade crafts and artistic projects. Perfect for creative nurturing. Purple handmade soap cube from Nurture Handmade.
Fluorescent Neon Purple from $1.99
Fluorescent Neon Purple is the electrifying, ultra-vibrant purple for all your crafting needs!
Bright red powder explosion on a white background, representing vibrant and bold colors for art and handmade crafts from Nurture Handmade. Red handmade cube soap for nurture and personal care
Fluorescent Neon Red from $1.99
Experience the bold vibrancy of Fluorescent Neon Red! It's perfect for a bright and captivating true red in melt and pour soaps. It migrates in cold process soap and fades to a beautiful pink shade.
Bright orange powder in a heap, showcasing the vibrant color and texture, perfect for adding a pop of color to handmade creations. Nurture Handmade red cube soap bar.
Fluorescent Neon Red-Orange from $1.99
Add a bold and bright red-orange, with a unique coral hue, to your color collection for a standout shine in any creation.
Bright yellow powder pigment close-up for arts and crafts - Nurture Handmade. Bright green cube, possibly handmade, ideal for nurturing creativity and imaginative play.
Fluorescent Neon Yellow from $1.99
Brighten up with Fluorescent Neon Yellow! The most vibrant yellow neon pigment for cold process soap.  
Vibrant colored powder splashes in yellow, red, pink, orange, blue, purple, and green squares, showcasing Nurture Handmade pigments.
Neons Sample Set $15.50
Discover Neons Sample Set - your creativity's secret weapon. Make electrifying, bright, and fun soap masterpieces!