Nurture Soap Is Now Nurture Handmade

Nurture Soap Is Now Nurture Handmade

Nurture Soap is Now Nurture Handmade. To find out why, read the Facebook post in our group here.

To summarize, our Google accounts related to Nurture Soap were hacked. Not to worry; nothing on our actual site was compromised. We make sure our customers are always safe!

This affected our Google search appearance, ads, and security. Basically, people had gained access to run ads in our name, with the business having been "verified." 

The problem was discovered when we wanted to start running our ads. Initially, we tried to advertise through Google Ads, and whoever had access spammed us with click fraud. The click fraud was found the next day and had already cost hundreds of dollars.

We reported click fraud and fake ads to Google. They were not concerned about trademark fraud or click fraud.

They directed us to report the fake ads as abuse and did nothing. Unfortunately, Google is the only agency that can do anything about this for us, as we cannot access the advertisers.

We had been thinking of branding to Nurture Handmade for a while but were in no rush to do so. We had planned on branching out into other handmade markets, such as candles, epoxy resin, perfumery, etc., but we were taking time to curate products and supplies to do so. We had just initiated a minor rebrand, and rebranding again is certainly not timely. We felt this was the universe telling us, "Just do it."

So we're doing it. It's scary to us, and it must be confusing to you! We're truly sorry for the confusion and the quick succession of changes. If you stick with us through this, we promise it'll be worth it!

Since the compromised accounts were related to the domain, we are changing to instead. We changed all of our Google accounts and created new ones. We removed all possible DNS records from our domain that may have given verification rights to scammers. We recreated our Google tags in case the scammers received access through old tags. We reported the ads many times, and our customers did, too. 

Also, a huge THANK YOU to all who reported the ads! ❤️

Now, here we are, going through the transition, and we hope you'll go through it with us. We truly appreciate you!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions. You can contact us here.


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