11 lb Slab Liner


11 lb Slab Liner


The 11 Pound Slab Liner is an ideal option for creating custom-sized soap bars with its versatile and durable design.

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Mariah Campbell (Scottsburg, US)
We have bought dozens and love it!

Love this size for our business, it is perfect and durable. You may just want to get separate molds for unscented, essential oils, fragranced, etc. as silicone tends to absorb stains and scents. But this is expected and not a negative aspect at all. Thank you for this amazing natural and durable and useful product to the core of our soap business!

M.M. (Lake Arthur, US)
Good Liner

Not as thick and sturdy as the green silicone liners featured here, but is by no means flimsy and performs extremely well.

Brandon H (Ballwin, US)
Exactly what I needed!

It works great, exactly what it says. You do need a solid frame for it though, you can't use it by itself.

Jan Trobaugh (Kutztown, US)

I have never gotten anything from you all that I don't like! With that being said, this slab liner is fantastic! I never dreamed it would be so sturdy!!!! It's so thick and well-made, I'm not sure it wouldn't stand alone! I love it! Yet again, great job and you guys are the best!!!! Thank you!! I never wonder if I will like what I order from you all - I have never once been disappointed! Keep up the great work!!!!!

P.R. (Rochester, US)
High Quality

Way higher quality than what you can find elsewhere

M.T.M. (Oslo, NO)
What a great mold for such a price!

This is a fantastic mold! And the price is also great, it made it possible for my very limited budget to get two! The mold is sturdy, well made, no air bubbles, and has awesome capacity without being too big to handle. Also the soap pops out with crisp edges! (We do love a crisp edge, don't we! :D )
Sure, it needs some support to not bow on the sides, which I absolutely expected as it is a silicone mold after all. However - the thickness is generous, so it is really strong on its own. So for now I have just made a thick cardboard support that actually works better than expected, but I will get a wood type of support later. I just needed to get these in the bag first, so to speak:P
I am happy I was able to get two and I am so thrilled with my purchase! I will get a couple more of these later, they made everything so much easier when I want to make a bigger batch! --------------- A big thanks to Nurture for offering some alternatives for those of us that has a limited spending budget for our very small businesses<3

great quality!

use all the time and is sturdy!

Melicia McMichael (Henderson, US)

11 lb Slab Liner



V. (Birmingham, US)
I need more!!

I LOVE this mold! I can save time by making bigger batches. I never have enough masculine soap too fast from my long loaf molds and I don't want to have to use multiple long loaf molds for the same scent. I don't have that problem with this mold. It is versatile because you can cut your slab in standard long loaf sizes or you can cut it into tall/skinny bars. Prefect for testing out new techniques too. I have been stalking the site for a while now waiting for them to be back in stock. I was very saddened to have to go to another supplier, that I hate ordering from because their shipping is akin to ordering from China (China might be faster) but they're in the US too - anyway, because I needed a second one. With that said, if you are considering one, you should buy TWO! No! Seriously! BUY TWO!! Don't be like me and wish you had. PLEASE RESTOCK SOON!! I AM stalking you Nurture Soap! LOL