Swirl Divider for 5 lb Mold


Swirl Divider for 5 lb Mold


These swirl dividers are made especially for our 5-pound soap mold liners. It comes with an extra "spacer" that fits in between the dividers to keep them in place. Unlike our earlier style of dividers, this one is evenly spaced between the removable dividers so you can make a batch of soap and divide into equal parts without worrying if you have the right amount for each space. This tool is amazing for creating advanced swirls such as the well-known mantra swirl.

The swirl divider can be divided into three or four sections depending on which side of the end piece is used. One side has three grooves to slide the dividers into and the other side has two grooves.

These dividers will NOT fit the handle molds, they are designed to fit the regular molds only.

    Customer Reviews

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    A. (Montreal, CA)
    5 lb Mold Dividers

    Very practical dividers.

    S.M. (Weatherford, US)

    I have yet to try these dividers but it's next on my list. They seem very well made.

    Amanda (Pompano Beach, US)
    Swirl divider

    Great product . I love the customer service.

    Stacey Wood
    First time buyer

    I have yet to use the 5lb. Molds or the hanger swirl but I am super excited to try them! They arrived quickly and are very sturdy and nice as is the hanger swirl tool. Much stronger than what I anticipated. Can’t wait to give these a try and will update this review when i have a chance to try them out.

    Toni (Camdenton, US)

    I like it, I'd like it better if the fit was better. There's a gap at the end 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Melissa @ Texas Bath House (Kinwood, US)
    Texas Bath House

    Works great.

    Sarah Boyle (Seattle, US)
    So happy with swirl divider!

    Last year I bought the 5 lb mold and hesitated to buy the swirler at that time.
    I was just using cardboard but always had to keep them pushed down when I was pouring my soap in so colors wouldn't bleed or have overlap.
    This worked but it was a pain.
    I saved up to buy this and it's perfect.
    It's super easy to assemble and switch between three or four compartments.
    I had no problems grabbing the divider when it was time to take it out.
    There's a middle piece that helps support so the widths don't get my stuff.
    I don't have a lot of experience with store-bought tools or swirling techniques but I'm really happy with this and did my third Taiwan swirl attempt and it came out really well.
    I definitely recommend this.
    I love those the mold and the divider.
    I always get such great service from nurture soap and recommend them to others.

    Melanie L (Manchester, GB)
    Best divider ever

    I have been able to do so many awesome things with the swirl divider for my soap mold I highly recommend this especially if you want to do the Taiwan swirl you will love it as much as I do I highly recommend it.

    Stella Mcclintock (Eudora, US)
    does the job

    only thing i would change would do is add some tabs to help pull them out of the molds. it can be difficult to remove with the soap batter on them

    Royal Pumpkin (Mississauga, CA)
    They do work

    The only reason for the 3 stars is that once you have the soap poured in they are incredibly hard to get a hold of. I also find that they waste a lot of soap or you just get soap everywhere trying to scrape it off. I think if they came with a little loop of handle to make it more easy to get ahold of. For us who have already have these at home then maybe some kind of clip that would help you retrieve them from the mold.