8th & Ocean Fragrance Oil



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb

8th & Ocean Fragrance Oil



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb

Escape to the sunny beaches of South Beach with 8th & Ocean Fragrance Oil! This tropical scent evokes memories of lazy summer days, with notes of ripe melon, orange slices, lemon and lime peel, jasmine, violet, and lavender. Enjoy the sweet exotic woody notes in the background and let all your worries drift away!

Customer Reviews

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O.A. (Los Gatos, US)
Just OK

Bought a trial bottle and tried it in lotion. Didn't love it.

M.H. (Anderson, US)
Iconic Ocean Vibes

We have kept this in our lineup for years. Soaps well and smells amazing, it holds scent for a long time as well.
Nurture Mica used: Electric Blue, Klein Blue, Synergy, Kashmir Blue, touch of Mocha in the "sand".


Love this scent

cindy cullinane (Quincy, US)
smells like the ocean

AND scent hold in CP soaps


Love this scent wish it was stronger

I.Y. (Irvine, US)
Please Revise the Testing Notes

When I buy FO, I always look at the testing notes to check the acceleration and discoloration info. This FO states that there is no acceleration, but it turned my soap batter into thick trace within a few seconds. I used the Nurture Soap oil blend and soaped between 95-100F. I love the smell of this FO, but it was a disappointment with the incorrect acceleration info.

The testing notes are not incorrect, they just don't reflect the same results you got. In our testing notes you will see we mention that we tested at 70 degrees, soaping higher than that can and most likey will give you different results than we had!

J.S. (Lena, US)

Love the smell hate the acceleration!! I just made my first batch with this lovely scent but holy cow it accelerated fast!! I soap at 80 degrees and only brought to a light trace but bam it went to thick frosting in seconds!! We will see how the soap turns out but I am not counting on a great design lol

J.R. (Louisville, US)
Love this scent!

My customers love this scent!


NS never disappoints me 👌🙌❤️

Jenna R
Unique and bright

I love love love this smell. It embodies everything I want in a soap. Super fresh yet warm smell. I will be buying this again and again.