Smell the Rainbow FO/EO Blend



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 15.5 oz

Smell the Rainbow FO/EO Blend



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 15.5 oz

Treat yourself to the fruity fun of Skittles with our Smell the Rainbow Fragrance Oil! A delicious blend of all your favorite fruit flavors, this delightfully sweet oil will enliven your senses and make your creations smell like a candy wonderland!

✽ Original Scent
Our team of experts has skillfully developed a range of custom fragrance oils to enhance the quality of your soaps, candles, and bath and body products. These distinct scents are tailored to elevate your product line and can't be found elsewhere.

Customer Reviews

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M.H. (Anderson, US)
Smells Like Candy

We have used this scent in various products, it has sold well. We recently made it into soap and hope the color holds out over time!
Mica used: Trial By Fire, Orchid Purple, Klein Blue, Green Vibrance, Sunshine Yellow, Mango Tango, and Titanium Dioxide.

j.b. (Hamburg, US)
Citrus but slight discoloration

Nice citrusy scent but it did discolor my cp soap slightly. Made a rainbow soap and my pretty white cloud frosting is now a beige color. Scent retention is great though and it did behave well during pour. First photo was after cut and second after cure.


Spot on scent!!

J.D. (Portland, US)
Aptly named!

The perfect scent for my Pride Rainbow soaps. Scent retention is strong.


Great scent. Throws strong.

E. (Huntington, US)
I love this fragrance

I've used it many times and it has all the qualities that earn it 5 stars: it smells great, it behaves well in cp soap and, most important of all, it holds its scent.

G. (Saratoga Springs, US)
Smells Like The Rainbow

I have used this fragrance oil several times and it is always the same behaves beautifully and does not accelerate. The colors are always vibrant and no discoloration. This fragrance is one that is one of my best sellers and the easiest to work with when making a six or seven layer soap. Well done Nurture Soap, well done indeed.

Kari Thomas (Lancaster, US)
Smells delicious and fruity

Used this with my rainbow and shamrock cp soap and it is so fruity and the smell lasts long after the cure. It also works well in cp soap. I was able to do 6 layers with no acceleration. Definitely buying again!

Rita (Charlotte, US)

I made CP Soap with this scent and it behaved well! The scent is true. It does smell like Skittles!


Absolutely love this scent, it is one of my best sellers!