Tea Tree Essential Oil



1 fl. oz 3.8 oz 7.8 oz 15.7 oz

Tea Tree Essential Oil



1 fl. oz 3.8 oz 7.8 oz 15.7 oz

Tea Tree Essential Oil is a top note with a strong camphoraceous aroma. It is a natural oil extracted from the Australian tea tree, with its pale yellow to nearly colorless hue. Its invigorating scent is often blended with lavender to create a refreshing and stimulating scent.

Customer Reviews

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O.A. (Los Gatos, US)
Very nice Tea Tree

I use in my soap. Customers love the scent. One customer even believes the tea tree & charcoal facial soap I make has helped clear her adult acne. (I make zero claims of this)

Pau V

I usually love NS products, I’ve bought some essential oils like patchouli and lavender and I’ve loved them, good quality, but this one was totally a disappointment. It does not smell like the real tea tree essential oil, it kind of smells like a citrusy blend. I didn’t like it, maybe it’s diluted with something else, but it doesn’t smell like the real thing. I usually buy my tea tree oil from a different provider but I run out and I wanted to give NS a chance since I love their products, but I regret buying this very much. Even my tea tree soaps smell different. And I made a big batch.

We're sorry you were dissapointed but this is most definitely not a blend. We do sell blends and would note on the ingredient list and SDS if it was a blend. This is 100% Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil. It's possible that whoever you have been getting your tea tree oil from is using a different variety of tea tree oil that you prefer more than this one!

Dan (Haverhill, US)
Tea Tree Essential Oil

I add Tea Tree Oil to my cleaning soap and it provides protection against mold growing in the shower and around the sinks. The Tea Tree Essential Oil is helping maintain my health.

H. (Edwardsville, US)
High Quality

Very clean eo - high quality and clear. Perfect for use in my hair oils.

Jennifer Williams (Denver, US)

I’m so glad to get this from NS now! A great EO.


Shipping was insanely fast. I always love ordering from nurture soap!!

L.M. (Vidalia, US)
Perfect for charcoal bars

I use this essential oil in my charcoal facial bars. My customers love it.


Top quality! This is used in my charcoal tea tree soap!

A.C. (Roanoke, US)
Awesome Tea Tree!

I used this in a tea tree charcoal CP soap and my customers love it - a lot of people compliment the tea tree and say that is is a nice scent (unlike other tea tree scents they have tried). I'm pleased and will keep this on my lineup.

S.Y. (Dawsonville, US)
Great Tea Tree Essential Oil

A good tea tree oil. Thanks Nurture for offering this !
Made a loaf of Tea Tree & Peppermint soap today, and it smells devine!