Close-up of green pigmented handmade eyeshadow by Nurture Handmade Green handmade soap cube from Nurture Handmade.
Enchantment Mica from $1.50
Enchantment Mica adds a magical touch to your creations with a dazzling combination of green and gold.
Vibrant colored powders arranged in a grid showcasing red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and lime shades. Nurture Handmade.
Epic Colors Sample Set $9.45
Experience high-voltage vibrancy with our Epic Colors Sample Set. Our ultra-pigmented blends make your soap projects truly pop. Get Trial by Fire Red Mica for a stunning red hue - you won't be disappointed!
Vibrant orange pigment powder close-up, perfect for handmade crafts and nurturing creative projects. Bright orange handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade
Eye of the Tiger Mica Blend from $1.50
Experience the powerful, unique Eye of the Tiger Mica Blend, a bold deep orange with hints of red. Let its vibrant, fierce color bring your projects to life. 
Close-up of vibrant purple handmade eyeshadow with a textured finish. Keywords: Nurture Handmade. Purple handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Fantasia Mica from $1.50
Discover your inner soapy wizard with Fantasia Mica - a magical purple color that will enchant and captivate your crafting projects!
Rainbow colored powder pigments showcasing a vibrant spectrum for Nurture Handmade products.
Feelin' Groovy Mica Sample Set $8.20
Get groovy with this set of 7 bold and bright mica shades.  Perfect for adding some sparkle to your projects and getting into the disco mood!
Nurture Handmade vibrant red makeup powder close-up for cosmetics and beauty products. Handmade red soap cube from Nurture Handmade.
Fire Cider Mica from $1.50
Refresh your project with the perfect coppery hue of Fire Cider Mica. Its reddish-brown color is sure to add a touch of sparkle and sizzle.
Close-up of vibrant red powdered pigment used in handmade crafts and artistic creations by Nurture Handmade. Handmade red cube soap by Nurture Handmade, perfect for skincare and natural cleansing
Firecracker Mica from $1.50
Transform your soap project with Firecracker Mica - a true red mica powder that adds a vibrant pop of color. It makes a perfect red color in melt and pour soaps. For red in cold process soap try our Trial By Fire mica.
Close-up of vibrant yellow powdered pigment for handmade crafts and art projects with a textured, glittery finish. Handmade yellow soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Firefly Mica from $1.50
Firefly yellow mica powder creates a vibrant color, standing out like a firefly on a summer night.
Close-up of pink handmade cosmetic powder with rough texture from Nurture Handmade Handmade pink wax cube - nurture handmade products for home decor or crafting.
Flower Girl Mica from $1.50
Add a touch of elegance to any soap with Flower Girl Mica. Its soft pink color with a hint of golden shimmer will leave you feeling like a princess.
Bright green powder pigment for handmade crafts and art projects. Nurture Handmade green soap block in a perfect cube shape.
Force of Nature Mica Blend from $1.50
Embrace adventure with Force of Nature Mica Blend's mesmerizing green hues!
Vibrant pink glitter powder, ideal for Nurture Handmade DIY projects and crafts. Handmade purple soap bar cube - Nurture Handmade.
Fuchsia Mica Glitter from $1.50
Pearl pink Fuchsia Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter adds a touch of sparkle to your projects guilt-free. Ideal for soaps, bath bombs, and more.
Close-up of vibrant yellow powdered pigment showcasing its texture and color. Neon green cube-shaped handmade decor item perfect for home and office spaces to nurture creativity and aesthetic appeal.
Full Throttle Mica Blend from $1.50
Experience Full Throttle Mica Blend's bright, bold intensity. Rev up your soap making game with this electrifying yellow.
Nurture Handmade golden glitter powder swatch for cosmetics and crafts. Handmade nurturing soap cube in a natural color.
Gold Dust Mica Glitter from $1.50
Upgrade your projects with Gold Dust Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter. This eco-friendly, mica-based gold glitter is the brightest and shiniest around!
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Close-up of sparkling silver pigment powder from Nurture Handmade, ideal for cosmetics and crafts. White handmade soap cube from Nurture Handmade
Gold Enigma Mica from $1.05 $1.50
Gold Enigma Mica is a mysterious mica with underlying flashes of gold. At first glance this glitter will appear plain white, but when in different angles of light you will see that gold!
Close-up view of vibrant green loose eyeshadow powder, highlighting its texture and shimmer, perfect for Nurture Handmade beauty products. Handmade green soap cube from Nurture.
Green Vibrance Mica from $1.50
Our Green Vibrance Mica will make your soaps stand out in a new, vibrant way. This vividly radiant mica is unmistakably green, never compromising on color or quality. 
Vibrant pink powdered pigment for nurture handmade cosmetics and crafts. Bright pink handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Heart Breaker Mica from $1.50
Find the ideal bold magenta shade in Heart Breaker Mica- a stunning combination of deep red and pink that will leave you swooning!