Close-up of grey handmade texture representing Nurture Handmade creations. Handmade white cube soap by Nurture, ideal for skin care and natural cleaning products.
Snowflake Sparkle Mica from $1.50
Add Snowflake Sparkle to your projects for a glittery boost without traditional glitter's scratchiness.
Vibrant blue glitter pigment powder for handmade crafts by Nurture Handmade Blue handmade cube showcasing simplicity and craftsmanship from Nurture Handmade.
Starry Night Mica Glitter from $1.50
Make your handmade creations sparkle with Starry Night Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter! Enjoy the beauty of the night sky while staying sustainable.
Close-up of fine white powder, perfect for nurture handmade crafting and natural skincare products. Handmade organic soap bar from Nurture, offering eco-friendly skincare.
Sugar Rush Mica from $1.50
Get a sweet rush with our Sugar Rush Mica Powder! Lab-created with a bright and intense white color, it can be used as an alternative to Titanium Dioxide for shining soap projects.
Close-up of Nurture Handmade coral blush powder with a shimmering finish. Handmade pink soap cube for nurturing skin care by Nurture Handmade
Summer Crush Mica from $1.50
Summer Crush Mica adds a charming chiffon pink-orange color to your creations, giving them a delicate coral-hued look.
Shiny white mica powder for handmade crafts by Nurture Handmade. Nurture Handmade white cube soap with smooth edges
Super Sparkles Mica Glitter from $1.50
Super Sparkles Mica Glitter: an eco-friendly, mica-based glitter that adds sustainable sparkle to your creations.
Close-up of vibrant teal handmade clay texture from Nurture Handmade Handmade green soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Synergy Mica from $1.50
Level up your projects with Synergy Mica, a blend of blue and green that creates a soothing turquoise glow.
Vibrant red powder for crafting and handmade products labeled Red handmade block, showcasing a simple and nurturing design ideal for creative play.
Trial by Fire Red Mica Blend from $1.50
Trial by Fire Red Mica Powder for Cold Process Soap Features: Vibrant, True Red Color: Adds a striking red hue to your soap creations. Non-Migrating: Ensures the color stays in place without bleeding into other layers or designs. Easy to Use: Comes in a premixed powder form for convenient and straightforward application. Perfect for Soap Making: Specifically formulated for use in cold process soap, providing consistent and reliable results. Benefits: Consistent Results: The non-migrating feature ensures that your designs remain sharp and clear, without the risk of colors blending together. User-Friendly: The premixed powder is easy to measure and mix, saving you time and effort in the soap-making process. Whether you're a seasoned soap maker or a beginner, Trial by Fire Red Mica offers a reliable and vibrant option for adding a pop of color to your cold process soap creations.
Close-up of vibrant blue handmade powder, highlighting its textured surface. Nurture Handmade products. Turquoise handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Tropical Teal Mica from $1.50
Transform your project into a tropical paradise with Tropical Teal Mica. The vibrant color will transport you to an island getaway.
Nurture Handmade white powder close-up, showcasing fine texture ideal for crafting and handmade projects. White handmade cube, part of the Nurture Handmade collection.
Velvet Pearl Mica from $1.50
Add a light shimmer and luxury to your projects with Velvet Pearl Mica's pearly white hue.
Bright powdered pigments in various colors including orange, red, green, purple, yellow, blue, and dark burgundy, used for handmade creations. Nurture Handmade.
Vibrance Mica Sample Set $8.20
Get vibrant with the 6 primary shades + maroon Red Vibrance from Vibrance Mica Sample Set!
Close-up of a vibrant red handmade powder pigment, representing creativity and natural crafting materials from Nurture Handmade. Handmade square pink soap bar from Nurture Handmade.
Wanderlust Mica from $1.05 $1.50
Elevate your crafty journey with Wanderlust Mica's vibrant pink hue. This magical red-peach color will ignite your creativity and elevate your craft!
Close-up of pink glitter lipstick smear showing texture. Nurture Handmade beauty product. Pink handmade soap cube on white background by Nurture Handmade
Wild Strawberry Mica Glitter from $1.50
Add guilt-free sparkle to your creations with Wild Strawberry Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter. This shimmering pink mica-based glitter is accented with silver and dark pink flecks.
Swatch of vibrant purple glitter eyeshadow from Nurture Handmade. Purple handmade soap cube for nurture and care
Wild Violet Mica Glitter from $1.50
Add shimmer to eco-friendly creations with Wild Violet Eco-Friendly Mica Glitter, a mica-based glitter with blue-purple tones, and purple and silver flecks.
Close-up of a white handmade powdery substance, highlighting the texture and detail associated with Nurture Handmade products. Handmade white soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Winter White Mica from $1.50
Don't risk those pesky streaks with your soaps - choose Winter White Mica! This bright white will add a snowy glow to your lathers that won't leave any specks behind - the perfect alternative to titanium dioxide.  
Close-up of finely ground turmeric powder showcasing its vibrant yellow color, ideal for nurturing handmade health and wellness products. Handmade yellow soap cube for natural skincare and nurturing beauty.
Yellow Vibrance Mica from $1.50
Yellow Vibrance Mica brings a radiant burst of sunshine to any project. Illuminate your craft with its vibrant golden hue.