4.5 lb Premium Soap Mold


4.5 lb Premium Soap Mold


Our 4.5 Pound Premium Mold includes a clear lid for viewing soap as it gels. The lid minimizes air exposure during saponification, resulting in reduced ash on the soap. The sides are detachable for easy removal of the liner.

Customer Reviews

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Kara Ormston (Enid, US)
4.5 lb Premium Mold

This is my favorite mold. I’ve purchased 3 of them. The loaves are the perfect size for cutting into bars without any funny trimmings or extra cuts. The silicone cleans up easily, as does the sliding top, which is also so nice since I can see through it to check on my soap. An integral lid has been so nice. When my business expands further, I’ll be offering more of these great molds.

Dawn (Marion, US)
4.5 lb Premium Mold

Very nice mold so happy I purchased. Well made and fast shipping. Thank you so much

Heather Brown

I love that the sides come off the mold. Able to make bigger batches of soap. Plan to order more. Unfortunately one of the end pieces of wood was broken in transit. It was an easy fix to glue back together. It's still the best mold I have.

E.Z.D.O. (Miami, US)

I loved my new soap mold! So easy to release the soap! Want to buy more!!!

B. (Denver, US)
Great mold & easy to remove bars!

I am new to soaping and the only thing I would say would be if you are a beginner, get the basic mold not this one. The ability to cover this with the easy acrylic slide top is great if you know what you are doing, but when learning, it makes things a little harder as you make mistakes, messes and such. I am excited when I have soaping down a little better and don't make a huge mess lol.

Q. (Forest Park, US)

I can make more soap at once

Tamron Martindale (North Little Rock, US)
Nice I love my mold.

Very sturdy

Maria Riddle (Kennesaw, US)
4.5 lb Premium Mold

The best mold! Perfect size and very easy to handle the box. Love it! Thank you!

c.i. (Reno, US)

Perfect size nice thick insert too!

K.D. (Fort Lee, US)
Second review

This is a great mold if you need to cover your app or have issues getting your soap out the mold. I find the other mold just as good because they are so well made and I don’t need to remove the side nor do I cover my soap tops because they end up too tall. So if you don’t need the extra features stick with the basic mold. Love them!