Glitter Spray Pump

$1.40 $2.80 -50% OFF

Glitter Spray Pump

$1.40 $2.80 -50% OFF

These pumps feature our old logo and are now on sale for 50% off until we restock them with the new logo!

Our Glitter Spray Pump is the perfect tool for dusting a fine mist of glitter or mica on soaps, bath bombs, and all types of crafts. Our unique design features a removable cap and the Nurture Handmade logo. It's super easy to fill. We include a paper funnel with every pump. Simply cut off the bottom of the funnel, insert it in your pump, and pour your mica or glitter in! The pump holds 35 ml by volume.

It works differently than other pump sprayers because of a specialized mechanism inside. Other sprayers might get clogged with glitter particles, but this one doesn't! It sprays glitter or mica effortlessly. 

Use is very simple. Put the dry glitter or mica in the spray pump. Press the top of the pump to disperse the glitter.

Customer Reviews

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J.R. (Louisville, US)
A must have!

I’ve tried other spray pumps but these are my favourite. Customers love the glitter on top of my soaps!


Great for glitter

J.R. (Louisville, US)
Love this pump!

I am ordering 3 more! A must have!

L. (Salem, US)
Sorry I purchased several of these!

Maybe I'm not using this thing correctly...someone help me out if I'm doing it wrong, but I'm going back to my tea strainer! I have tried using the EnviroGlitter and mica...the stuff goes all over the place and covers everything in the immediate area making a huge mess to clean up! I even tried placing a tall paper all the around my mold and could see the "dust" filtering out the top! Thank goodness I got these while they were half price. It was totally wasted money for me.

We're sorry about the mess! The spray pumps aren't really designed to keep the mess down, they are designed to allow you to get a very fine layer of glitter or mica on to your project. With strainers you can sometimes end up with uneven coverage which in some cases can really cause problems (as with making pencil lines in soap). Since the pumps do produce such a fine mist it can cause the colorants to fly around in the air especially with very light glitters!

L. (Lynchburg, US)
Like the pump but glitter still flies everywhere

Just received my order in record time! I used the pump with Enviro-Glitter for pencil lines and it did spray evenly, but I still had glitter floating everywhere! I'm going to try using a mica in another pump to see how that goes!


Wish it spayed a little heavier. Works well.

T.G. (Hancock, US)

Handy thing to have, works well.

M.M. (Murrysville, US)
Love this!

I love this. It makes distribution of glitter/micas easier and much more even.

Orah (Hod HaSharon, IL)
Great little decorating tool!

It works pretty well, spraying a fine mist of mica. Sometimes I shake it s bit, and sometimes it makes a spot instead of a dispersed spray.

M.S. (Charlottetown, CA)
Awesome product!

I was skeptical about ordering a glitter pump for a long time. I decided to try it (and why not? Its a great price!) and I am not sorry! I couldn't comprehend how this would work, but it is AMAZING for evenly dusting with glitter! I have 2 more on the way!