Less than Perfect 7.5 lb Loaf Liner

$18.25 $36.50 -50% OFF

Less than Perfect 7.5 lb Loaf Liner

$18.25 $36.50 -50% OFF

This is our Less Than Perfect 7.5 lb Silicone Liner. These liners are reduced in price because they bow significantly compared to our regular liners and will need to be taped or clipped when used.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristin Quattlebaum (Bellefontaine, US)
Great buy! Love this mold!

Recently became a Nurture Soap customer and SO glad I did! Great quality!

J. (Hyde Park, US)
Less than Perfect 7.5lb. silicone mold

I have to say I was apprehensive about purchasing these "less than perfect" 7.5 lb. silicone loaf mold 'being ..well ... they are less than perfect. I ordered 2. They are billowy. But, they work for my needs. I was planning on making boxes to fit but, never got to so I ordered Nurtures wood boxes sized for them and I just taped them on top so they wouln't warp. It WORKS! Soap came out fine. I keep them as my extras when I have alot of soap to do. Would recomend if straped for $.

r. (Norwalk, US)
Great bargain mold

I love the high-end liners but they're expensive. I'm pretty handy, so I thought I'd try this and make my own mold. Totally worth it! I even made a quick mold for it using extra thick cardboard and it works fantastic. This was a great way for me to try an expensive liner without the cost associated.

Tara (Kindred, US)
Soap mold

I bought 2 new molds and I love them

V. (Amity, US)
Works alright at a great price!

Thank you Nurture Soap for giving us all this option! I am glad I bought some of these liners due to the great discounted price. Allows me to make more soap asap. The liners are really bowed in but I just used large paper clips and some elmers stick glue between the liner and my wood mold. (The glue easily scrapes off with a bench scraper)

Aubrey Shreve (Chicago, US)
Nothing wrong with a little imperfect

My husband made a wooden box for this mold. It worked well. I just had to put some tape on it to hold in place. I enjoyed making a "wood-grain" soap with the slight wave in parts of it. They turned out quite nice.

Happy I ordered this

I have other molds purchased from Nurture Soaps which I am happy with, but when I saw the less than perfect description I was a little apprehensive about buying it. Then I remembered that all the stuff I have purchased from them is great so it could not be a bad purchase, so I ordered 2. I inspected them carefully and can't find any defects. The look and function just as the other full price mold liners I had, well made and perfect to the naked eye. I'm super happy with them and I am glad I took a chance. Thanks Nurture Soaps for all the bargains and the great quality products.