4.5 lb Loaf Liner


4.5 lb Loaf Liner


We really like the shape of the bar this our 4.5 lb Liner makes! You can make 16 bars and use the extra partial bar to cut into samples. It's perfect!

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Connor (Ogdensburg, US)
Great liner!

I bought this for an acrylic mold I thought it would fit. Slightly too long but the mold was held together by bolts. Loosening the one end let it fit perfect. Wonderful having such beautiful sides on my soap that are so easy to remove from the mold.

M. (Fort Lauderdale, US)
The best!!!!

I love this liners

Mallerie (San Jose, US)
As advertised

The molds are sturdy and exactly as advertised. Works great!

L. (Holt, US)
own 22 of this size

I have used this size for about 3 years now. they make the perfect 4 oz bar if you pour 70 oz in and have a cutter that will give you 16 bars. this mold also works well with the online labels soap label. wraps all the way around the bar if you bevel the soap corner.10/10

A.P. (Henrico, US)
Great size loaf

I love the slightly skinnier bar (3in) versus my 3.5 inch standard mold. It's not a tall and skinny but still wide enough to make landscape designs in. Love love love!

K. (Richardson, US)
Awesome Liner

I love this liner. It makes my soaps look awesome. I wish it was restocked so I could buy another.

Wicked Suds & Flames (San Antonio, US)
Best silicone mold liner around!

I've been using a similar mold purchased from a different supplier and my soaps take forever to harden enough to unmold them. Using This 4.5 Silicone mold from Nurture Soap not only allows me to unmold my soaps within 24 hours but they come out crisp and clean. The clean up is also very easy. Absolutely love these and will continue to purchase them.

Lilibette Ramirez (Panama City, PA)
Muy bueno

Ya es el número 3 quw compro duraderos y buen material

S. (Vancouver, CA)
4.5 pound mold

Nice soap mold. It is a good size and great quality.

L.Bonnie Sayre (Wilmington, US)
mold liner

not what I was looking for looking for 3.1/4x 3.1/4 x 17 nice insert to narrow and not tall
enough Nice mold good quality