Swirl Divider for 2.5 lb Mold


Swirl Divider for 2.5 lb Mold


These swirl dividers are made especially for our 2.5 pound soap mold liners. This divider is evenly spaced between the removable dividers so you can make a batch of soap and divide into equal parts without worrying if you have the right amount for each space. This tool is amazing for creating advanced swirls such as the well-known mantra swirl.

The swirl divider can be divided into three or four sections depending on which side of the end piece is used. One side has three grooves to slide the dividers into and the other side has two grooves.

These dividers will NOT fit the handle molds, they are designed to fit the regular molds only.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jolene Courtois (Slidell, US)
    Great Idea

    Allows for more control of Swirl designs

    Linda M. (Tallahassee, US)
    Love it

    I love this mold

    Sandy Topper (San Jose, US)
    Swirl divider

    So much easier to do swirls with the right tool. This with the two and a half lb mold makes the mantra swirl easy

    Y. (Red Oak, US)

    loooking forward to use this.

    Gloria Olguin (Green Valley, US)
    Swirl Divider

    I love the swirl divider for the 2.5 on mold. It fits tight so colors don’t leak at bottom to other sections. Although sometimes it is a little difficult to remove because it get slippery with the soap. But other than that is works great. I would buy again

    Ezanya N (Louisville, US)
    Swirl Divider Mold

    Super excited to start using the mold. Good and prompt delivery too.
    Thank you, Nurture Soap

    YaadahSoaps (Arlington, US)
    A winner!

    I have not try it yet since recently moved to our new house but it fits great on my molds. Dying to try it. Will update as soon as I finish organizing everything and start working with my Summer soaps.

    Jan Whalen (Sudlersville, US)
    Love it all

    'Persephone's Kiss' Fragrance Oil
    is one of my favorites. I just purchased the 'Cottongrass' Fragrance Oil and have not used it yet. Smells pretty good though:-) I really like the new mold and liner (the one that has handles and covers the tops of the sides of the mold). I plan to use them a lot!

    C. (Pompton Plains, US)
    game changer

    has been a great addition to my supplies

    M.T. (Glen Allen, US)

    I got the dividers with the 2.5 lb basic mold. The dividers fit perfectly and are very easy to remove. Very fun tool to play with designs.