15 lb Double Premium Soap Mold


15 lb Double Premium Soap Mold


The 15 lb Double Premium Mold boasts unparalleled quality. Achieve consistent perfection with this dependable, expertly crafted mold that includes top-grade silicone liners that resist stretching and tearing.

Customer Reviews

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It’s huge and works fantastic!

J.L. (Modesto, US)
This one saved us!

We were short on mold for a very large order and this mold saved us for reals. We were able to get everything poured and the bars are nice.

I.K. (Lynchburg, US)
Sturdy molds!

Love these , easy to use and very sturdy!

Dawn Marie S (Hamburg, US)
LOVE this mold!

What an incredibly easy way to make a double recipe. Easy to remove and clean without having to split the loaves. Wonderful!

K.J. (McDonough, US)
Great mold. Just gets heavy.

I really enjoy this mold, but it can get heavy when both sides are filled, especially when it’s time for tap downs. That’s the only drawback to the double molds. I love that all three long sides are removable slats with grooves for the lids to be slid into to insulate. Liners are great quality and hardened soap loaves are super easy to remove from the wood box because of the removable sides. I like that the plastic tops can be placed simply on top of the wood if you’re using it to shield a side from soap splashing when you pour, or from glitter floating in the air.

B. (Denver, US)
Well-crafted and easy to use mold

This mold is very nice to use and well crafted. I am very happy with my purchase and can't wait till the TS one is back in stock to get it as well : )

D.W. (Pioneer, US)
I love this double mold

I love how easily the silicone liners release and I plan on purchasing more.
Great product

D.W. (Pioneer, US)
Double Mold

This is a great mold.
Easy to remove silicone and from the wooden mold.
I’m planning to get the triple also.
I feel like a Nurture Soap Mold collector 😂
They are the best!

A.F. (Florence, US)
A little disappointed!

Takes some getting used to if you're switching over from Amazon Molds. The silicone doesn't have a lip around the top to hold the liner in place. Invest in some binder clips to hold it down if you buy this mold. The only downfall is if you use binder clips you can't slide the plastic cover that comes with it on. Honestly, I REALLY wanted to be excited about this mold, but it was a disappointment to me! If Nurture soap could get silicone liners with the lip around the top, this mold would be 100% PERFECTION! If they ever make that change, I will buy a handful of them!

Harrison Products (Columbus, US)
I love this mold

This is the best mold I have ever owned. The silicone liner is perfectly smooth. No more out shape ends from paper lined molds. I can make two batches at a time. The wood is premium quality. The big plus is its dish washer safe !