Nurture Soap Making Oil Blend



3.9 lb 8 lb 35 lb

Nurture Soap Making Oil Blend



3.9 lb 8 lb 35 lb

This blend contains the following FOOD GRADE pre-mixed oils:

  • Olive Oil - 40%
  • Coconut Oil - 25%
  • Organic & Sustainable RSPO Palm Oil - 25%
  • Sweet Almond Oil - 5%
  • Castor Oil - 5%

The oils used to make this blend are the highest-quality oils we can find and are the best of the best! We recommend using this blend within one year of purchase.

If you are frustrated with too fast of trace, oils behaving badly, or the time-consuming task of having to weigh and measure every oil that goes into a soap recipe, this blend is perfect for you!

3.9 and 8 pound sizes come in a plastic F-Style jug. Our 35 pound size comes in an easy to use jerrycan type jug with a large mouth opening and vent hole.

This blend stays quite fluid at room temperature, so if you are storing your oils at room temp you can shake the jug to sufficiently mix the oils. To warm cold oils, place the jug in a warm water bath. We have found that filling the sink with warm water and placing the jug in the sink is sufficient to warm colder oils.

This soap feels great in the shower. It is lower cleansing, high conditioning, with a thick creamy lather and lots of big bubbles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
N. (Chesterfield, US)

I bought an 8 lb jug of this in 2019 and then proceeded to forget about it until recently (April 2024) whoops. I had it stored in a cool dark place (under the kitchen sink) and it was still as good as new. I didn’t even have to warm it, just a few minutes of vigorous shaking mixed it up just fine. I made CP soap with it following the Soapcalc PDF and it is the BEST soap I have ever used. I suffer from dry skin and this soap was cleansing without being stripping. Amazing!! I have looked at other premixes and this is the only one that doesn’t contain a high quantity of coconut oil (which can be very drying). Thank you, NG! I’ll be buying more, this time I promise to use it within the year as recommended lol.

K. (East Longmeadow, US)

I love this old blend and have been using it for a while now, but WOW! The price has gone up almost $100 from the last time I purchased a couple months ago. I know things are getting expensive but that's a huge jump n price!

Claudia (Atascadero, US)
Great Quality

My first time trying an oil blend and I'm so happy I did, it makes the soap making process so much easier and faster. Great product and I will most definitely continue to use for all my recipes.

Raffaella Riva (Charleston, US)
First timer

My first time using an oil blend for my soap and I have to say it makes everything so much easier with great results.

Ronelle Erickson (Chicago, US)
Great blend of oils!

Buying this oil blend is convenient, easy, and cost effective. I simply followed the directions to create my batch of soap batter and the mixture was very easy to work with. It was slow to trace which gave me plenty of time to work on various swirls and patterns. The finished soap also had lots of beautiful bubbles.
I will be buying this again!


So far so great! Always used brambleberry premixed when feeling lazy, but this mix is awesome too!!!!

Karl Kleinert (Somerset, US)
This stuff is wonderful!

I had a soap recipe in my head that I was going to try and I stumbled upon Nurture Soap after reading about it in a post. I checked out the site and loved it. I then noticed that they sold an oil blend that matched my recipe! I was THRILLED because I hate weighing out oils to make a master batch. This oil blend works like a charm, mixes well, and gives me plenty of time to do swirls, layers, etc. I am already ordering my second BIG order of it. So happy with it!

K. (Ludlow, US)
Still loving it!

Great mix, makes my life so much easier!


Love this blend!!! Highly recommend! Nurture is my go to for this type of oil.

christelle k. (Castries, FR)
une merveille!

debutante dans la fabrication de savon, j'aurais aimé connaitre ce mélange d'huile plutot, cela m'aurait éviter d'acheter des huiles individuelles qui ne me servent à rien aujourd'hui.
le mélange d'huile de Nurture vous offre un savon doux, nourrissant pour la peau son utilisation est très facile et vous offre le temps nécessaire de laisser libre court à son imagination, acheter en toute tranquillité et vous n'arrêtez jamais de produire ce mélange d'huile.