Blackberry Mica



5 gram bag 1 oz bag 1 oz jar 4 oz bag 4 oz jar 8 oz bag 1 lb bag

Blackberry Mica



5 gram bag 1 oz bag 1 oz jar 4 oz bag 4 oz jar 8 oz bag 1 lb bag

Discover the allure of Blackberry Mica - a captivating dark purple with alluring reddish-gold highlights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Trista T.W.B. (Lawrenceville, US)
Deep Purple

I have used it in a couple CP soaps I liked the depth It gave to the look I was going for.

David Young (Salt Lake City, US)
Love it!!

Beautiful color and an amazing company i definitely wwill be ordering more products.

Customer (Houston, US)
Very pleased with the quality of the mica

The colors I ordered are so much more beautiful in person! Very pleased with my purchase and the customer service!

Katherine (Katy, US)
Turned gray in CP soap

I am disappointed because this mica turned gray in my CP batter and soap.

We do put a warning about this on the product page so that people are aware of this prior to purchase! You'll see under soap use notes it says: 'As with most dark purples, this color can be a bit tricky in cold process soaps. At times you may get a rich amethyst color, and other times it may turn smoky gray. We suggest testing this in your recipe in making CP soap to see how it works for you'.

M.E. (Denver, US)
Dark and beautiful

I pair this with the Blackberry Bliss for my husband's favorite soap. Says it reminds him of a sweet wine.

A. (Fredericksburg, US)
Dark purple—very dark plum

It’s a dark gray purple

Angela Cartwright (Lawrenceburg, US)
A little too dark

Not what I expected

K. (Clayton, US)
A little dark but nice

I find this to be a much darker color than I expected. I still use it and everyone seems to love it!

Ann Rein (Hanson, US)
I love this deep purple/black

Gives the right touch of purple to a grey/black, I use it in my Black Raspberry Vanilla soap.

T.B. (Eugene, US)
Very pretty

Very pretty darker color! Will try again in my cp soap