Black Raspberry Vanilla FO/EO Blend



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb

Black Raspberry Vanilla FO/EO Blend



1 fl. oz 4 oz 8 oz 1 lb

Bring a sweet and warm aroma into your space with Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil. Enjoy its rich, top notes of peach, coconut, wild berry, bergamot, and strawberry, as well as its captivating middle notes of jasmine, rose and violet. Finally, delight your senses with its base notes of powdery raspberry, sugar, and white musk. A timeless classic scent!

Customer Reviews

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Helen Pacyna (Fitchburg, US)
Black Raspberry Vanilla EOFO Blend

Nurture's Black Raspberry Vanilla EOFO Blend is a perfect Fragrance for Beginners, and Experts alike. It never causes Acceleration, or Discolouration. The Fragrance sticks in soap like a champion. It stays strong thru the cure and beyond. It is favourote of all my customers, and always sells out quickly.

In Addition, I tried this EOFO along side an EOFO of the same name from a more expensive supplier and found that it was just a strong and lasted just as long but sells for half the price. ~ I switched because that other, more expensive one, gave us headaches when I made the soap. The one from Nurture soap does not cause headaches. So this is the only one I'll use from now on. Thank you Nurture Soap for a great quality EOFO

L.R. (Indianapolis, US)
Body butter

I have not tried this in cp yet but I make a body butter with it and it is a favorite with customers. I keep this in stock


Did not care for the smell


Fades as it cures

Yamilly Gutierrez Espinoza (Guadalajara, MX)
Simplemente Deliciosa

Con ésta fragancia se trabaja muy bien, la traza no acelera, se torna color ligeramente beige. Huele muy rico, a mis clientes les gusta mucho, volveré a comprar :)

J.J. (Knoxville, US)

I fell in love with this scent. I use it for all my bath bombs. It's amazing and lasting. I can smell it for days after I use it.


I love the way this didn’t accelerate trace. Gave me plenty of time to work

Lavender Rose Bath and Body
Very nice

This is a very nice version of BRV.

Sonja Stevens (Tuscola, US)
Smells good!

I really like the smell. It's not over powering but still strong enough that you know it is raspberry and vanilla scent.

Andrea Gardner (Poulsbo, US)
Berry Nice!

First time using their Black Raspberry Vanilla and it behaved very well in my cp recipe. No discoloration or acceleration. Looking forward to seeing how it does at the market.