2.5 lb Loaf Liner


2.5 lb Loaf Liner


Experience the benefits of using our 2.5 lb Silicone Liner, made with the highest quality silicone material. The liner is durable and will stand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of use without worrying about stretching or tearing.

Customer Reviews

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I love these molds .

Lindsay (Claremore, US)

Love this liner!! Made well, works like a charm!

Oral (Miami, US)
Great Mold

Great mold. Will definitely purchase again!!

Shelby Carranza (Winston-Salem, US)
Can never go wrong

You can never go wrong with nurture soap molds and liners. I love making small soap loafs that i needed a second liner. Cant wait to break it in :D

Josie M. (El Centro, US)
2.5 pound silicone loaf mold

This is my favorite mold to use when I am trying a new recipe. I can always depend on how easy it is to take the soap out and love the smooth sides of my soap. I can also cover it if I want it to jell or to prevent to ash.

Michelle Ponder (Douglasville, US)
2.5 pound loaf mold

I can't say enough good things regarding this mold - the size is perfect for small batches - i will be buying another one shortly! Construction is good - and silicone liner is very sturdy. Nurture Soap has fast become my "go-to" place all things soap!!!!

Cathy Anderson (Laurelton, US)
Love It!

Bought this to use in the 2 1/2 pound basic mold. Absolutely love it. Fit perfectly in the mold and unmolded like a dream.

Michelle (Palm Coast, US)

When I opened my order of the triple 2.5 silicone loaf box and liners immediately one of the plastic covers hit the floor and I hadn't even unwrapped it yet. Poor packaging. Then I opened the package and took out the pieces to inspect things. I found that one of the silicone molds was defective. It was missing part of a bottom corner, because of manufacturing error, on one of the molds. And on another, there was something black that had gotten into the manufacturing mold... again a manufacturing issue. When my husband contacted the company they were going to have to "check" to see if they would make things right. We were later contacted and told that they would make things right and that they would send a return label. This took what seemed like forever, since I was anxious to make soaps with my molds, but couldn't. I eventually got my new molds and they have worked ok. Though I am amazed at how they are holding on to the orange smell that I used in my first batch of soaps in them. We my new essential oils come in from another company I will see how they do with the new molds and whether they too are held onto by the molds. We will see.

Michelle, I see we sent a return label within 24 hours of your original package delivery. :) I apologize for the defects in the first order, and am glad to hear the new molds are working for you.

Liz (Chicago, US)

I like having a 2nd liner so that I can make another batch of soap while the 1st gets ready to unmold.

Dana (Minneapolis, US)
Perfect soap loaves!

The 2.5l lb Silicone Loaf Liner creates perfect soap loaves. Very durable, clean up is a breeze, and soap effortlessly releases from the liner when you're ready to remove and cut soap. It also fits perfectly into the 2.5 lb Premium Soap Mold. I have 2 of these 2.5 lb Silicone Loaf Liners and both are exceptional quality. Can't imagine myself making soap without them. Thank you Nurture Soap!