Mica Blender Mixing Tool



Mini Mixer Tool 10 Extra Jars

Mica Blender Mixing Tool



Mini Mixer Tool 10 Extra Jars

Use our Color Blender for color blending ideas!

This handy little tool allows you to mix small amounts of dry mica to help you blend your own colors! It can be hard to know what color will result from mixing two or three colors together. You can add as little as 1 teaspoon of each color to the jar in the mixer, turn it on, and instantly see the color results of the blend!

We use this tool all the time when creating our own custom colors. The colors can be blended and tested in a small amount of soap to see if they're the color you're trying to achieve. We test our colors in 4-ounce sizes in our 25-cube soap mold

The mica mixer comes with an extra jar. The jars have a larger capacity than other tools of the same type. We tested many and found this one to be the best available. 

The jars are reusable and can be cleaned with warm water. To clean the tool, take a wet washcloth or paper towel around the blade.

If you're serious about color, this is a tool you need! You will receive a red, gold, blue, black, or silver mica mixer.  It requires 3 triple A batteries, which are not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Tammy Colapietro (Bristol, US)
Mica blender

Awesome little mixer. Definitely a step up fro. The other ones that barely work!

Betty Dotson (Lebanon, US)

I am not sure how to use this item. No instructions were included. I'm hopeful I can figure it out, and it is just what I need. Material is sturdy and seems of good quality.

E.C. (Louisville, US)
Powerful tool

It helps mixing up colors, powerful tool!

Brenda C (Pulaski, US)
Not bad, a bit flimsier than expected.

The glitter sprayer seems nice. It does what it says, hasn't clogged yet. The portable mixer, well.... The mixer arms just don't go deep enough into the container to truly mix well. AND it takes 4 AAA batteries.... For such a little thing!?!?!?

Laurie Michael (New Baltimore, US)
Love this tool!

I absolutely love this tool, and can't even imagine working on my soaps without it. :)

S.N. (Abbeville, US)
Neat lil gadget!!

This helps blend colors seamlessly before adding to your mix!

Jami Kielhack (Oswego, US)
Blends nicely

It works well. I used it to blend lakes for bath bombs. It blended them really well but it was a little hard to clean. That was probably because I used lakes. I'll stick to using it for micas.

Paula M. (Fresno, US)
Great little tool

I just got my blender a few days ago but I have to say it's a wonderful tool. I used it to blend several reds for my bath confetti and it took out the little lumps I couldn't remove with a mini wire whisk. But I think it's best blending my natural colors for less "clumps" or "speckles" in finished soaps, especially my spinach powder. It has a good hefty to it, it's looks and feels well made. I am buying several more. Oh, and I adore the red color!

J.B. (Forest City, US)
Neat Little Item

I tend to mix and match micas quite often and before I found this little item I would just mix by hand. Hand mixing got the job done, but sometime my colors would end up streaked or a little off. This little mixer does a fantastic job of thoroughly mixing different color micas together. It is like mixing cake batter with a spoon or an electric blender. You might get clumps with the spoon, but the electric mixer produces a smooth batter. The mixer definitely mixes micas together completely and gives you a better idea of what the end color is going to be. I would definitely purchase this item again.


Love it