Close-up of a gray powdery substance with a textured surface, symbolizing Nurture Handmade natural products. Handmade white soap cube promoting natural hygiene, nurture, and eco-friendly skincare.
Blue Enigma Mica from $1.05 $1.50
Blue Enigma Mica adds a touch of captivating hidden blue shine to any project, which is revealed when caught in the right light.
Close-up of vibrant blue pigment powder for handmade craft projects, Nurture Handmade Blue handmade soap cube, part of Nurture Handmade collection.
Blue Vibrance Mica from $1.50
Experience the superior color of Blue Vibrance! Elevate any soap into a brilliantly blue sensation with this vibrantly blue mica.
Close-up of red handmade cosmetic powder for nurturing skin. Handmade brown soap cube by Nurture Handmade
Brick Dust Mica from $1.50
Discover new possibilities with Brick Dust Mica. This colorant is ideal for adding a vibrant touch to any project, with its rich brick-red shade and subtle burgundy undertones. 
Bright blue pigment powder for handmade projects from Nurture Handmade. Handmade blue cube soap bar nurturing skin care
Brilliant Blue Mica from $1.50
Experience the bold and vivid effects of Brilliant Blue Mica powder as it infuses your creations with a brilliant, energizing azure hue. 
Close-up of crumbled, rich brown eye shadow powder texture, highlighting Nurture Handmade makeup. Black handmade soap cube by Nurture Handmade.
Bronze Brown Mica from $1.50
Enjoy the luxurious, rich color of Bronze Brown Mica - a dark brown reminiscent of chocolate that adds a touch of sophistication to your handmade creations.
Close-up of vibrant purple handmade cosmetic powder, Nurture Handmade beauty product. Handmade purple soap cube, nurture handmade artisan bath product.
Cabaret Mica from $1.50
Light up your soaps with Cabaret Mica! This stunning magenta hue adds a brilliant shine, giving your products the star treatment they deserve!
Close-up of green herbal powder from Nurture Handmade products Green handmade soap block cube for nurturing skincare.
Cabin Fever Mica from $1.50
Sparkle all season with Cabin Fever Mica! This mica reveals spring greens, olives, and golden sunshine - perfect for brightening up cold days indoors!
Close-up of green handmade powder texture from Nurture Handmade Nurture Handmade green soap cube.
Camouflage Mica from $1.50
Experience nature's deep green transformed with a touch of golden glimmer through Camouflage Mica.
Close-up of vibrant red handmade powder eyeshadow, texture emphasizes the Nurture Handmade brand quality and craftsmanship. Nurture Handmade red square soap bar, natural and handcrafted beauty product.
Candy Apple Red Mica from $1.50
Discover the vibrant beauty of Candy Apple Red Mica! This mica adds a burst of passionate color to soaps and body care products, igniting your creativity.
Crumbled rose pink makeup powder texture - Nurture Handmade beauty product Pink handmade soap bar in a cube shape from Nurture Handmade.
Cantaloupe Mica from $1.50
Add a soft coral tint to your projects with Cantaloupe Mica. It's the perfect choice for achieving a delicate pink-orange tone. 
Close-up of vibrant blue handmade eyeshadow powder from Nurture Handmade. Handmade blue soap cube by Nurture Handmade for skincare and cleansing
Caribbean Blue Mica from $1.50
Take your projects on a journey with Caribbean Blue Mica - an authentic and striking shade inspired by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean.
Close-up of vibrant green handmade pigment powder. Nurture Handmade sustainable beauty products. Handmade green soap cube from Nurture Handmade
Celadon Green Mica from $1.50
Celadon Green Mica adds a touch of luxury to your creations with its sparkling golden shimmer and green hue.
Shimmering blue makeup powder showcasing Nurture Handmade cosmetics. Blue handmade soap cube - Nurture Handmade.
Celestial Silver Mica from $1.50
Sparkle like the stars with Celestial Silver Mica! This light blue mica adds a cosmic shimmer to your soap.
Close-up of vibrant purple handmade eyeshadow powder, highlighting its rich texture and pigment. Nurture Handmade beauty product. Purple handmade soap block by Nurture Handmade
Cheshire Cat Mica from $1.50
Transform creations with Cheshire Cat Mica - the perfect escape from the ordinary. Experience its enigmatic purple clarity inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Close-up of shimmery bronze eyeshadow texture by Nurture Handmade Handmade square soap bar, Nurture Handmade natural skincare product.
Copper Penny Mica from $1.50
Experience the stunning beauty of Copper Penny Mica. This shimmery color will add a subtle red-copper hue to your next masterpiece!
Close-up of vibrant red powdered pigment showcasing its texture for Nurture Handmade cosmetics. Handmade pink soap cube - nurture your skin with natural ingredients
Coral Reef Mica from $1.50
Explore your creativity with Coral Reef Mica. Hues of peach and pink blend together to make this visually stunning color.